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Grateful Jews!
!ברוכים הבאים

Come explore Jews' connections  to the music, lyrical themes/philosophy, and experience of the Grateful Dead.

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The Grateful Jews seminar

What draws Jews to the Dead’s music, lyrical themes/philosophy, and experience? Grateful Jews(sm) explores that relationship.

Grateful Jews takes Kabbalah's Four Worlds approach:

  • Physical – Jews in the Grateful Dead Universe (Which well-known Dead song was inspired by a Jewish musician?)

  • Emotional – Jewish connections in songs & lyrics (Was lyricist Robert Hunter aware of a beloved midrash?)

  • Intellectual – Jewish connections to/in Dead culture (Which band member hosts a Passover seder that attracts hundreds?)

  • Spiritual – The Dead experience

There is plenty to delve into, so Grateful Jews is two sessions, two hours each. (Four hours – like a good Dead show.)

Attendance is limited, to allow better interaction with other participants.  Dead apparel and gear encouraged but certainly not required. BYO grilled cheese sandwiches and organic veggie burritos.

There are open Grateful Jews seminars regularly online, and you can book one for your synagogue, Hillel, school, or other organization. 

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