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September 26, 2021

Grateful Sukkot Sunday School -- Songs of the Season

Sukkot is our most primal, our most shamanic, and our most happy holiday. And on the Shabbat in the middle we read Kohelet/Ecclesiastes, a work of existential introspection.

Which songs from the Grateful Dead catalog express those themes for you? I’ve got a starting point from the Kohelet side, and I’d like to hear your ideas too.

I'll also teach you how to bring "Iko Iko" to your Simchat Torah celebration.

There will be two sessions, so that Deadhead Jews all over the world can join in:

  • 11:30AM Eastern / 15:30 GMT

  • 7:00PM Eastern / 23:00 GMT

Join one conversation, or both. Free! Please register here, and you will get login information about an hour before the session.