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Tuesday and Wednesday April 5 &  6, 7:00-9:00pm CENTRAL US

Grateful Jews webinar

Two nights in a row! Just like that 2-night stand at Boston Garden!

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Monday April 11, 9:00pm Eastern

The History of the Deadhead Seder

The Deadhead Seder (under various names) has become a cherished touchstone of Jewish-Deadhead identity in the Bay Area and beyond. How did it get started? How has it developed? What's going on now? Why is this Seder different from all other Sedarim?  :) 
While you are doing your Pesach cleaning and cooking, tune in and join Reb Zsha and guests Jeannette Ferber and Wendy Garf-Lipp for an exploration of these questions and... we'll see what else!
Time set to accommodate friends across the Western Hemisphere. 
A free event. :)

You can register here.